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ALCON Ford Raptor / F150 Brake Systems FORD

Brand: ALCON Brake Systems | Category: Brake Kits

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Product Description

*Note: To clear front rotor face, heimed tie rod ends must be used. Aftermarket steering arm kits work, and stock tie rods require an additional RPG tie rod conversion kit for proper fitment.

Alcon, global leader in the design, development and manufacture of brakes, clutches and actuation for motorsports, OEM, aftermarket, specialist and armored/military vehicles, has released a complete brake upgrade for the Ford Raptor and Ford F-150, suitable for both on- and off-road use. Ford’s performance trucks are among the best in the world, with both the Raptor and F-150 being capable of impressive feats of acceleration. Alcon is now offering a complete brake upgrade for both axles, including calipers, rotors and pads.

Extensively tested, the kit has shown significant gains over factory- fitted equivalents: 10% reduction in disc temperature when in use / 33% reduction in pad work rate (leading to a corresponding improvement in pad life) / Up to 15% decrease in pedal effort

The calipers included in Alcon’s brake upgrade feature ductile iron housings which provide maximum strength and stiffness, plus high resistance to both impact and fatigue. They’re coated in epoxy acrylic paint over an acid zinc finish – a combination that’s proven to offer excellent corrosion protection. Additionally, all calipers come with advanced wiper seals around each piston which not only are resistant to the extreme temperatures generated by hard braking, but also prevent road grime from entering the caliper itself.

Both the rotors and pads included in the kit offer improved stopping power. Alcon rotors have a larger thermal capacity, meaning you can brake harder for longer without having to fear brake fade. The pads have been chosen for their increased surface area and long working life, meaning they perfectly complement both the rotors and the calipers.

Designed to make installation swift and simple, the new brake upgrade is compatible with the stock parking brake and actuation mechanism, while still managing to fit within the 17-in alloy wheels fitted by Ford from the factory. That’s right! This is the only Ford Raptor brake kit available that allows you to use the Factory Wheels. They are 6 piston front caliper and 4 piston rear with vented/SLOTTED front and rear rotors. This brake kit will bolt on to a fully stock truck if you want. Factory spindles and suspension and 17” wheels. The long racing history found in the Alcon brand brings tremendous technology to the truck community. From their history in NASCAR to their race proven brakes found in Trophy Trucks the Alcon technology puts them on top of the brake industry. Over a year in the making and testing this Raptor Brake Update kit is the best on the market and the only kit designed to work with in a 17” wheel and without using nonstandard wheel offsets that stress the steering on these trucks.

Alcon has always used motorsports parts in the kits they offer to the consumer. They don’t make “special materials” that the consumer can’t buy. So what are you getting?

Massive Opposing 6 Piston Ductile Iron Calipers
Heavy Duty high thermal mass 13.8” x 1.4” thick front rotors.
Curved vein vented rotor for better cooling
Fluid balanced to work with factory ABS system
Super-stiff radial mounts with billet adapter for less deflection
and brake pads proven by Military application.

Addictive Desert Designs recently took one of these new kits down to Baja and ran the Trail of Missions trip with Cameron Steel and the Desert Assassins. This trip was 1600 miles of grueling Baja Mexico through every type of terrain you can imagine including 100 MPH runs down some of the remote dirt roads. The Alcon brake kit performed flawless on the trip proving out the durability of the kit and the final step in the testing process making them ready for you to install today. They have challenged anyone to find any other brake upgrade kit for these trucks that have seen the engineering and testing that this kit has had.

Suitable for on- and off-road use, Alcon’s upgrade kit for the Ford Raptor / F-150 is now available for order.

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